SEO and Marketing Today in London

In today’s world of business, it is almost impossible for any business to succeed without internet marketing. Customer buying behavior has been significantly impacted by the web; this impact is felt right from the first stage of consumer buying process (information search), and this is where the significance of internet marketing especially search engine optimization become apparent. In areas characterized by intense market competition like London, SEO is a concept to be approached with due diligence; a single mistake may impact negatively on the competitiveness of business in the market. In the recent years the two persistent trends that are evident to continue are, more web traffic with every passing day and more customers using the web to find products and purchase these products via the internet, this is a clear pattern of digital revolution in the business context, and this makes SEO and online marketing important today but even more important tomorrow. In this article, we look at some of the best practices that make SEO a success and the SEO trends that are worth the attention of SEO agencies in London.

Marketing has been steadily evolving since the 1900s, at first the marketing concept was oriented in production of large quantity of products (the production concept), during this era the customers were less considered and firms believed as long as there was enough product to the market customers would buy, well, this has changed, today marketing strategies are customer oriented. Pull marketing strategies is what marketing is about today, businesses are focused on making customers come to them; this is through effective search engine optimization and offering the right product and at the same time trying to stay one step ahead of the competitors. SEO which has become an integral part of marketing has inherited these characteristics of constant evolvement since the day came to life something new is replacing the old, what used to work in 2010 will not function today. There are significant changes and trends is SEO that every firm has to pay attention to stay ahead of the competition.

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Social media is about to become more important for search visibility

Social media has become a must-have tool in the marketing toolbox, Google and other search companies offering the search services are working to bring about more integration between social media and search results, Twitter, for example, has enabled this integration and now it tweets can be found on the search engine results.

Apart from the integration with the search engines, social media is playing a significant role in creating traffic to the main business website, enhancing consumer interaction with the brand and increasing the market reach through sharing. The above capabilities of social media impact the competitiveness of businesses, and it is worth for businesses and SEO agencies to give social media the appropriate attention.

Mobile focused SEO

In 2015 mobile traffic surpassed desktop traffic, Google also made it clear that mobile friendly websites will be given preference is search results ranking. It is impossible to ignore the traffic some from mobile users as more that half of the customers will be using mobile devices, and this makes it imperative to have mobile friendly websites. Google is trying to give users the most relevant results, and there is no need to give users content they can’t consume if they happen to be using mobile devices which will be the case most of the time.

Local SEO is becoming more important

The objective of search engines is to give users most relevant results. SEO agencies will do much to ensure that they get the best results/ranking possible.  SEO agencies in London that put more focus on local SEO are about to become more competitive.  AV Solutions Central is a SEO Agency located in the heart of London which specialises in Local SEO.  View and like their Facebook Page if you enjoy their services:  A complete list of all their social profiles can be found in this Google Docs page.  Local SEO will enable more accurate search results increasing the effectiveness of marketing locally. Google among other search engines are putting more focus on local SEO, and this is expected to have great impacts on the overall rankings.

The objective of marketing today is to identify the needs of customers and create products and services that solve these needs better than the competitors, the same goes for SEO, the first step is identifying the customer needs and then put in place strategies that will draw customers to the business. Even as marketing evolves some of the concepts remain persistent, this is true with SEO; content will continue to be to be the king, and off-site reviews will remain to be relevant.


An overview of marketing

Marketing is a form of communication in between a business entity and its customers with the aim of selling products or services to them. Marketing has been the main difference between success and failure of many businesses operating in the market. With proper marketing, a company will be able to capture customers in terms of sales thus increasing their growth in industry. Marketing can take different forms depending on the intended purpose.

What are the benefits of marketing?

The following are the benefits of marketing

· Increase your website usability and content strategy

· A good marketing content can help you build your business brand online easily

. It helps in making a company popular as well as growth thus making them to beat other small companies.

· You will generate traffic to your business by improving market or Google rankings

· Increase your Return on Investment of a company

In conclusion, the above is an overview of marketing as well as benefits it brings to a company.